Reflections on the blind eyes turned towards this annual humanitarian catastrophe

As we gather here in the opening lines of this short essay to pay our tributes to the fallen; let us pause in remembrance, in reflection, and once again in unity, and share this moment of silence*.

In The Politics of The Earth, John Dryzek attributes the success of the Montreal Protocol in part to the rethorical ingenuity of framing the seasonal reductions in ozone concentration, measured above Antarctica through the 1980's, as an “ozone hole”. This image of a dark, expanding hole, the argument goes, captured our collective imagination in a way reams of data from monitoring stations never…

A tale of ecocide, hubris and denial

As mankind stumbles bewildered inwards the 21st century, it finds itself facing a minefield of existential threats. Catastrophic climate change, nuclear terrorism, multiresistant bacteria, autonomous weapons systems. The list is long and terrifying. Lurking in the shadows of these towering, new threats however; a darker, more fundamental — yet largely overlooked calamity of world-historical proportions steadily builds momentum.

For the past couple of decades, we have sustained economic growth only by extracting natural resources at an ever-accelerating pace. Even the most essential ones - topsoil nutrients, fish stocks, and groundwater reserves - are depleted at rates far exceeding their rates…

How libertarians swept the success of Scandinavian Socialism under the rug

As inequality surge, sea levels rise, and the rubbles of democracy collapse into bizarre dystopias of universal surveillance and unemployability — stretched to their snapping points in a tug of war between multinational corporations and populist strongmen: The revival of Democratic Socialism comes in the nick of time.

Socialism Revived

Like a slowly decaying remant from a bygone era, “Socialist” still remains the pejorative par excellence for discrediting U.S. progressives. A rhetorical battle-ax, sharpened for decades by the hone of Cold War tribalism. Readily drawn against any policymaker displaying even a tinge of red.

Progressive policymakers, forced to deal with this reality…

Trigger Warning: This essay may contradict your existing beliefs

Before we dive into the belly of this whale of a botched discrediting-campaign, let’s start by zooming out a bit, and survey the intellectual landscape in which we find ourselves. As inheritors of the western philosophical tradition, we are squarely placed on the shoulders of bigots. From its birth and infancy among the slavemasters of ancient Greece, through an adolescent spent in patronage to European colonialism, all the way to its current fizzling out into postmodern irrelevance—our tradition has been steeped in bigotry.

The cases in point are legion. Aristotle was a misogynous racist, advocating slavery. Thomas Aquinas was a…

On the fabrication of bullshit economic metrics

The recent exposure of the World Banks politicized methodology for calculating its «Doing Business» Index — framing Michelle Bachelet’s presidency as anti-business, in a bid to sway the Chilean election — is a timely reminder to take such indexes with a grain of salt. Despite their aura of objectivity, they are often political instruments camouflaged as science; designed, not to unveil truth, but to promote the agenda of their makers.

The first thing we need to realize about indexes is that they are not like classical measuring instruments, which simply gauge some aspect of reality as it happens to be…

Erlend Kulander Kvitrud

Essays on the precious human strife

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